Every purchasing choice you make is a vote for the world you want.

Vitale grew out of my passion for being eco-friendly and cruelty-free, while focusing on wellness and nourishing others. I wanted to use products that I knew were safe and I wanted others to have those options, too.

Vitale is the journey to nurture one’s mind, body and environment. Vitale strives for wholeness through understanding the full-body benefits of living a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle and through using the cleanest, most sustainable products available.

In realizing the power of individual actions to save our planet, I wanted to make it easier for people to begin their journey towards a vegan, zero-waste lifestyle starting with products that provide care for the body and soul.

For me veganism and zero-waste lifestyles are both part of something bigger: trying not to live at the expense of others. Both concepts complement each other well. These two eco-friendly lifestyles are two sides of the same coin, grounded in ethics and rooted in our reality.

My mission is simply stated: I demand both cruelty-free and high quality, plus a tremendous value for the price, with a minimal impact on the earth and a positive impact on our customer’s wellbeing. I could only achieve what I believe you deserve by putting together body and soul care products. 

Vitale’s philosophy is to keep things simple and the vision is of a kinder, gentler world harmonized with a modern awareness of socially, environmentally conscious, personally designed sets and creations.

For people who believe in the power of their choices.

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