Gift Boxes

Traditionally, gift giving is a labour intensive and waste intensive process that can make even the best of us lose sleep… but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Enter the Vitale Gift Box. You’ll answer some questions about the lucky recipient so that we can put together a collection of items that’ll be just right for them – but after that, it’s off your chest.

Zero-waste gift boxes are a great way to go about your holiday or birthday shopping, but not everyone has the same taste, and giving a generic gift doesn’t always result in those warm fuzzies we all like to see. This is why we’re going to personally hand-pick items for this gift box, based on the information you give us. No two boxes are alike!

Giving a gift box is good karma – so we’re going to give you a great discount. The sum costs of all the items in the box will always be more than what you pay.

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