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Natural Sisal Shower Sponge-Plastic Free

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This Natural Sisal bath sponge is great to exfoliate the whole body. The natural exfoliating power of Sisal, a plant of the Agave family “Agave Sisaliana”, will improve blood flow, improving the removal of toxins from your skin and energizing your body from head to feet.

Natural Sisal can be used for a wet massage, to revitalize and stimulate the circulation, opening the pores of your skin to let them absorb more oxygen, while providing a deep cleansing for healthier and younger looking skin.

when necessary you can leave the sponge for a couple of hours in lukewarm water with a spoon of baking soda, rinse well and let it dry. The item will be as new and disinfected.

Suggestions: change the item every 4/6 months of frequent use.

Approx 10cm diameter.

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